Do you feel a little claustrophobic sitting in your garden on a sunny day? If so, you may need to trim your hedge or prune your shrubs. Some people believe that hedge trimming or shrub pruning improves your home’s curb appeal, but there’s a lot more than that. We suggest hiring a professional expert for garden clearance in Tunbridge Wells to facilitate this task. Here’s how you can benefit your garden with hedge trimming.

Benefits of Hedge Trimming


Not having your hedges and shrubs properly trimmed can impose serious risks during storms or other weather conditions. Booking a hedge trimming or pruning service ensures tasking off the massively grown branches.

Healthier and Stronger Hedge

Hedge trimming promotes the growth of your hedge and ensures they grow back stronger than before. Removing excess branches also provides more nutrients to the healthy parts of the plants. Regular trimming allows hedges to become too heavy from the top. This can result in uprooting them during strong winds.

Gives More Clear View

Regular hedge trimming allows you to enjoy a clearer view of your garden. This will help you maintain your garden more easily and enjoy your outdoor view without any obstruction.

Prevent Disease Spreading

Your garden will be healthier with regular hedge trimming. This is because it removes all the dead parts of a plant which eventually helps prevent the spread of disease or bugs to the other healthy parts. You can considerably reduce insect infestation with regular shrub pruning and trimming hedges.

Many people are often found confused about how frequently they need to trim hedges. Check out below to understand this.

How Often Do You Need To Trim Your Hedges?

Generally, you must at least consider trimming your hedges once a year. This will keep your garden aesthetically pleasing. Some hedges may also require trimming thrice a year. We recommend reaching out to experts to understand trimming frequency for your hedges.

You can also book a hedge trimming service between spring and summer. Don’t forget to consider the bird nesting period, as the nesting season runs from March to August.

These reasons are enough to book a service for hedge trimming and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space. Cheaper Than A Skip offers excellent services for garden clearance in Tunbridge Wells. We offer hedge trimming, lawn mowing, shrub and bushes pruning and removal of garden waste. Contact us today or check our website for more information.