A well-maintained garden is the primary wish of all homeowners. However, reaching that goal would not always be smooth. Proper observation and maintenance of the plants is a vital part of keeping the garden healthy. It allows you to check the signs of diseases and disorders on the trees.

Do Not Overlook the Problem:

A plant may undergo a disease due to various factors. When overlooked for long, these diseases can become disorders and affect other trees in the garden. If you observe damage signs in the initial days, you must not delay communicating with your nearby garden clearance service.

Primary Signs of Diseases in Garden Plants:

Garden plants primarily face diseases and disorders due to three major reasons: fungi, bacteria and viruses. As a gardener, you should take note of these problems and remove the affected parts with the help of a professional. We discuss the prominent signs of tree diseases in the following section.

1. Bacterial Diseases: It is the most difficult-to-find disorder in plants. These do not show any external growth or protrusion, and the problems remain confined within the plant tissue only. However, once the bacterial disease affects the trees, you can observe some prominent signs. These include:

  • The mass tissue located in the leaves or foliages starts rotting
  • The plant foliage suddenly starts wilting
  • Noticeable burn-like spots on leaves and fruits
  • Your plant collapses suddenly

2. Fungal Diseases: Fungal disorders are the easiest signs of damage you can spot in trees. A number of plants get affected by rust disease, which forms rusty spots and bumps on either surface of leaves. You may also note a powder-like coating of spores on leaves, stems and fruits. Using a magnifying glass would make it easier for you to observe the signs of fungal disease.

3. Viral Diseases: Viruses generally take refuge in the sap of a plant. However, the signs of a viral infection are practically non-existent to the naked eye. You may observe the leaves curling, wilting, or forming dry spots on the surface. Viral diseases infect trees faster due to insect vectors. The presence of weeds around the garden can also be a major reason for this problem.

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