Do you have unwanted heaps of rubbish piled up in the backyard of your property? How are you planning to get rid of the same? Flies and insect infestations will grip your house and make the environment unhealthy if you keep the rubbish piled up. With the help of local rubbish clearance services, you can quickly eliminate the same.

Local rubbish clearance service providers are professionals and can quickly help remove all types of rubbish from your premises. However, a few kinds of waste need to be cared for properly. To know more, read on.

What are the common types of rubbish that you can clear with help from local rubbish clearance?

Hazardous Wastes

You must think twice before disposing of flammable, toxic and reactive wastes. Where should you dispose of them? Keeping them away from human presence is necessary. That’s when a local rubbish clearance company can come to your aid. They have separate skip bins and trained professionals to handle hazardous wastes like:

  • Products containing mercury
  • Aerosol cans and unused paints
  • Products with gasoline, fuel and chemical content
  • Discarded batteries

Hire professionals and get rid of all these hazardous wastes responsibly.

Electrical Wastes

Nowadays, e-waste is an integral and inevitable part of human life. Although they might look harmless from the outer end, they contain toxic metals like lead, mercury, cadmium and brominated retardants.

So, disposing of them responsibly is a primary task. Get hold of local rubbish clearance companies and dispose of electrical wastes like:

  • Broken parts of computers 
  • Discarded TV and telephones
  • Broken mobile phone and parts 
  • Parts of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and washing machines

Medical Wastes

Although medical waste is not a regular part of the household, if you have a patient at your place, you might get heaps of medical waste piled up in your backyard. Hire local rubbish clearance professionals, and they will adequately discard all medical wastes, ensuring complete hygiene and safety in the process. Some of the ordinary medical wastes are as follows:

  • Used bandages and kits
  • Single-time use medical equipment and devices
  • PPE kits, including used gloves, masks and aprons
  • A broken syringe and an empty medicine bottle
  • Medical equipment packaging materials 

They have trained professionals who have experience in dealing with these harmful substances with due care.

Contact Cheaper Than A Skip for local rubbish clearance services. With years of experience, we offer whole house clearance to remove domestic and commercial premises debris. Call us now and breathe in the fresh, waste-free air.